Sea Moss Helps in Weight Loss – A Complete Guide

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Sea moss or Irish moss has been praised for its benefits like boosting the immune system, fertility, thyroid health, and more. When it comes to weight loss, it is simply incredible and a powerful tool to achieve your desired weight. 

There is evidence that shows that sea moss helps to reduce weight. Research supports that sea moss acts like fiber to feel you full longer. It reduces fat accumulation in people suffering from obesity. 

Still, wondering if sea moss weight-loss claims are true. This article contains the benefits, drawbacks, and information regarding whether it’s helpful for weight loss or not.

Red seaweed is also named Irish moss.

It is widely grown on the northern Atlantic coasts of Europe and America located in Iceland, Ireland, and Canada.  The weed is enriched with multiple minerals including Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, and Iodine.

These minerals are found to be useful for different body functions including healthier lungs, anemia relief, energy boosters, muscle health, digestive health, and more. 

Sea moss contains low calories. About 2 tablespoons of sea moss contain 1g of carbs and 5 calories. It contains a high amount of carrageenan –known as lambda carrageenan.

This ingredient is also used by the food industry as a stabilizer or thickener. Let’s see how this red seaweed high in carrageenan and low in calories helps you to reduce weight and get fit. 

sea moss for weight loss

Does sea moss help with weight loss?

The Sea moss help lose weight by:

  • Lessen the creation of the fat cells
  • Lowering fat absorption of food 
  • Increasing the metabolism of build-up fats
  • Burning fats of brown tissue 

If you incorporate sea moss in your daily meals, you will be consuming a significant amount of fiber and low calories. It will keep you fuller and satisfy your appetite without any calories. 

The human body can’t digest the sea moss carrageenan. It is a soluble fiber in our digestive area and forms like a gel-like material in your body. Therefore, it slows down the process of food digestion and takes time to make you feel hungry. 

Health nutritionists encourage using sea moss as a thickening agent in cooking and baking as a low-calorie ingredient.  You can add sea moss to almost every food from bread to soups and smoothies to satisfy your appetite for a long interval of time. 

The other thickening agents (butter or milk) have double the calories as compared to sea moss.  It means that you are eating more fiber and fewer calories. Ultimately reduces your weight without any guilt of eating fatty food. 

Does sea moss burn belly fat?

The sea moss fat loss increases the metabolism of stored fat and stimulates the fat-burning effect.  It is enriched with proteins and contains an amino acid known as taurine that helps in burning the fats of muscle and the body.

Recent research has shown that 78 adults with obesity were given 1k milligrams of red sea wood every day to reduce their weight significantly as compared to another group.  Still, more research needs to be done to make the claim more valid regarding sea moss and belly fat

The sea moss plays a vital role in improving your body’s digestion system and gut health.  It maintains the gut macrobiotic that improves your overall health. When our gut health is good, then our mental and emotional health is also balanced. 

Can sea moss make you gain weight?

Yet, no traces have been found of sea moss to make you gain weight.  Sea moss is a promising weight loss ingredient that makes you feel fuller and have less appetite. It reduces the production and absorption of fats in the future. It improves your body’s metabolism and keeps you energetic all day long. 

There are minor changes in weight gain in the strict vegetarians, however, it’s not a primary source in that case as well. 

But, make sure that you intake 1 to 2 tablespoons per day. People can get excited and start taking more than the prescribed amount then leads to serious health issues including 

  • Hypothyroidism, goiter, or thyroid cancer
  • It can result in vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, or fever
  • This can lead to the blood-thinning issue
  • Toxic ingredients like arsenic, lead, and mercury can cause a health risk

How to use sea moss for weight loss

You can find it in the market available in sea moss powder, gel form, dried sea moss, and capsule. You can either take it in capsule form or mix the purple sea moss gel or powdered seaweeds in your foods. You will intake more iodine and boost your metabolism. 

You can consume it by adding gel to your recipes like sauces, ice cream, and smoothies.  Some people even blend it with spices and fruits to give them different flavors.

Moreover, it can be used as a thickening agent in drinks, soups, stews, and more. It acts as a binding agent in a few dishes and replaces the eggs in recipes. Apart from ingestion, you can use it on hair and skin as a moisturizer.

The recommended amount of sea moss is 1-2 tablespoons. Consult your nutrition before increasing the dose of sea moss mentioned on the label.

 It is suggested that breastfeeding and pregnant people should not ingest seaweed. In addition to this, people suffering from blood-thinning issues should avoid its intake. 


Does sea moss make you lose weight?

Sea moss comes with fiber, which is a great ingredient for losing weight with digestive benefits. The fiber helps in boosting immunity, supporting the gut with improved heart health. That ultimately promote weight loss.
It also contains iodine, which helps in thyroid hormone functioning that causes weight gain.

How much weight can I lose with sea moss gel?

You can expect to lose about two pounds per month. As you eat the sea moss by mixing in your food, it helps you in reducing your appetite and weight. 

How does sea moss help to reduce weight? 

Sea moss contains a sufficient amount of fiber. When you intake it, it’s going to keep you fuller for a long interval of time. It contains low calories and reduces your appetite. 

What are the other health benefits of sea moss? 

Intake of sea moss improves your overall body health including nutrition absorption, nourishes skin, hairs, and nails, improves muscle and tissue health, reduces inflammation, and much more. 


Let’s wrap it up! Seaweeds are a great source of protein that helps you to reduce weight without any hardcore exercise or yoga. Research indicates that this ingredient is beneficial to include in your daily diet.

However, there are some limitations depending on the user’s habits, health conditions, and disorders. If you make up your mind to intake sea moss gel for weight loss then talk to your doctor before incorporating it into your diet. 

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