Best Ways To Consume Sea Moss

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Sea moss has been used for ages now, however, scientists just found this their new specimen to discover its secret. Widely, it was used to thicken smoothies, but the growing research has more to apprehend.

Sea moss is high in nutrients which gives it the advantage in various health solutions. In a world full of health-conscious beings, knowing the benefits and its usage could prove to be a blessing for you. On that account, let’s see the best ways to consume sea moss and its effects.

Kramer, RD, a Northwell Health registered dietitian. “That’s how these fads start. It’s celebrities that are posting images.” Since then, her followers started to consume sea moss in several ways as it’s packed with nutrition. Let’s look into the best ways to consume sea moss. 

Ways To Consume Sea Moss

Ways to consume sea moss


Sea moss is now used in medicine and by several healthcare firms. The firms and brands have made it easy to swallow sea moss in the form of pills.

No, aftertaste nor the hassle of disguising it in foods, just gulp down the pill with water. You can find a variety of pills relevant to your following purpose healthy joints, relieving stress, and improving memory and focus. 


Sea moss gel can be used in various different recipes. Seems like the best way to consume sea moss, you’ll see why.


Did you know you could make sea moss smoothies? Well, just blend 1 spoonful of the sea moss gel into any fruit or vegetable you prefer, little water, and ice, and enjoy.

Smoothies are the most preferred ways to consume sea moss as it has little or no flavor. Pair it with nearly anything you like. Be creative by adding it to your Classic Banana smoothie or devour your rich, healthy Chocolate Raspberry Sea moss smoothie. 

What does Sea Moss taste like?

Sea moss has an earthy – sea-like flavor. It has a taste of clams, oysters, and seaweed. “If you don’t like seafood, the flavor of raw sea moss is probably not going to be for you,” says Beth Czerwony.


Another way you can consume sea moss is to add it to your soup. Toss your veggies – carrots, cabbage, peas, and bell peppers. Boil chicken, a hint of ginger garlic with a sprinkle of salt altogether to prepare the chicken stock.

Add in 1 tablespoon of Sea moss gel, a pinch of black pepper, and the vegetables, and taste the creaminess of the chicken soup. 

You can mix it in Tom Yum soup to give the added sea flavor to your recipe. If you love seafood, you might become obsessed with it. 

Sea moss Salad 

Do you want a kick of flavor in your boring salad? You should definitely try adding a spoonful of sea moss gel to your salad dressing.

Just mix 1-2 tablespoons of sea moss gel into your dressing like ranch and mayo, whisk it well and add to your Russian Salad. What could be a better way to consume sea moss when you can enjoy it in your salad? 


Are you looking to satisfy your sweet tooth all-natural or through a dairy-free option? Don’t worry, you can indulge in sea moss ice cream guilt-free.

Customize the flavor according to your liking. Chop mangoes, strawberries, grapes, or a wide variety of fruits to choose from. If you are vegan, add plant-based milk, otherwise, any other milk of your preference. And yet, the most important ingredient is sea moss gel.

Blend them all together, freeze them for 4-6 hours, and have a mouth full of gelatinous rich homemade sea moss ice cream.

You can also check out Blueberry Chia Jam or Jamaican Irish Moss Drink with added sea moss gel in it. Here is a book you can check that has recipes to Cook with Sea Moss.


You can use sea moss powder with a variety of foods. Similar to sea moss gel, you can add it to your favorite smoothie and soup. More to this, you can directly mix it into the water and drink it as it’s flavorless compared to that gel. 

You can consume sea moss powder by adding it to your herbal tea, green tea, and ginger lime tea. Either add to your protein shake, mix in with plain yogurt or sprinkle on oats meal, it’s the choice you have to make. Enjoy it as you like!

Now that you know the best way to consume sea moss in a variety of forms, let’s answer some of your most asked questions.


How much sea moss should you consume a day?

Intake of sea moss entirely depends on the person’s health, age, and height. However, doctors recommend that it’s safe to take 2 tablespoons of sea moss gel or powder every day. As far as capsules are concerned, the daily dose is prescribed by the expert. 

What is the best way to ingest sea moss?

Sea moss gel is fresh, tastes good, and is all-natural. It’s the most preferred form to ingest when it comes to nutritional factors. However, some go for the taste of gel and powder, while others prefer the convenience of the pill.

What is the best time of day to take sea moss?

There is no specific time to take sea moss. If you take it on an empty stomach in the morning, it will help boost your energy and detoxify your body. 

Some find it helpful in consuming sea moss at night as it helps in better sleep and focus. You can either take it 30 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes after as it might disrupt digestion.

There is no best way to consume sea moss. “Which version you take is up to you. “It’s really about whatever your preference is,”  Czerwony suggests, “so long as you’re following proper dosing instructions.”


Sea moss is known to be the ‘Super Food’. Either way, it’s taken, gel, powder, or capsules, each has its own effectiveness. 

Every good has its downside. Similarly, as sea moss is high in Iodine, metal, and mercury, it can trigger health issues for pregnant women.

It may also cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea,  nausea and also, and it can irritate your stomach, throat, and mouth. Moreover, sea moss might react differently to certain skin types.

It’s better to consider a doctor’s advice before you add it to your diet, especially for pregnant women

We hope that you found this article helpful and you found enough information to try sea moss.

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