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Original Name

Michael Jackson’s former pain reliever, a self-proclaimed healer, has emerged in the media. Dr. Sebi was the name he gave himself, but his real name is Alfredo Bowman, and he wasn’t a doctor.

Nipsey Hussle, the guy who was filming Sebi’s documentaries, was recently killed, and some have considered his death and Sebi’s as evidence that mysterious powers are collaborating to bury the truth about his therapies.

dr sebi biography


A native of Honduras, Sebi moved to the United States in 1933 and was treated for asthmatic, hypertension, obesity, and infertility. Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food was the term given to a Mexican herbalist’s herbal mixes after he purportedly cured Sebi.

In 1987, he was accused of treating patients without a permit, but the state failed to show that he had delivered a medical diagnosis, leading to his conviction.

New York successfully sued him for fraudulent activity, and Sebi had to pay 900$ and quit creating disease-specific promises. Later, he was detained in Honduras on suspicion of money laundering and died in jail from pneumonia in 2016


Two daughters of Dr. Sebi’s are Kelli Bowman and Saama Bowman

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Kelli Bowman 

Monica, a multi-Platinum Award Nominations Winning Artist, is just one of the many people who have collaborated with Kelli Bowman’s organization Sebi’s Daughters. Kelli Bowman, who is Dr. Sebi’s daughter and believer that everything occurs for a purpose.

People were destined to meet her, and she was destined to treat them how to lead a healthy lifestyle! A lot of consideration went into the manner that which she conveys health information since it is reflected in the products that she sells.

at one of the most terrifying times in our nation’s history, helped individuals to keep their blood pressure under control and safeguard the health of their families.

In addition to being the daughter of a great, she is a great who has devoted her life to assisting others in leading long and healthy lives. We are behind her in her endeavor 100%.

Saama Bowman

The fact that Saama Bowman is the daughter of the well-known herbalist Dr. Sebi has helped to establish her as a prominent person in the public eye.

Because of his discovery that a good diet and the right use of herbs may cure practically any sickness, he came into popularity as a consequence of this discovery.

Saama’s father passed away from pneumonia, and as a result, she is now responsible for continuing the family business. Her patients could get relief from any number of naturally occurring therapies.

Saama was born in the city of La Ceiba, which is located in Honduras in the Caribbean. Her education came to a successful conclusion at the La Ceiba Bilingual School.

Saama, who is now 30 years old, is contributing to the technologies that were created by her father. She has risen to the position of chief of the Usha village, and she has also taken over the position held by her father in Los Angeles.

Even if some of her siblings are using her father’s formula to sell their items, she is still responsible for operating her father’s office.


Although Alfredo Bowman, also known as Dr. Sebi, never had a book published under his name, he did leave behind hundreds of hours of lectures that illustrate his method of detoxification and nutrition.

After his untimely passing, some writers collected his lessons into books that might be used in everyday life. Although there are hundreds of Dr. Sebi’s books available, the ones listed below are among his most well-known masterpieces.

Heal The Electric Body And Reverse The Effects Of The Disease

This would be the book that inspired you to begin your journey toward an alkaline diet. The writer, Aqiyl Aniys, is also the owner of the company Natural Life Energy, LLC, which is profoundly affected by the work of the herbalist Dr. Sebi.

This is a brief and very simple to grasp book that will assist you in gaining a fundamental comprehension of alkaline herbal therapy.

Cure For Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Herpes, Aids, Lupus, Asthma, Hair Loss, Tumors, And Kidney Diseases

When Dr. Sebi’s claims that he could treat herpes, AIDS, and other ailments were put to the test by the Supreme Court in 1988, scores of persons who had been cured by Dr. Sebi testified in medicine.

This means that he was telling the truth about his ability to do so. These are the remedies that Dr. Sebi developed to treat a broad variety of illnesses.

Alkaline Meal Books For A Plant-Based Diet

People are familiar with the Dr. Sebi Food List, but the problem is finding out how to put the items together in a way that tastes appealing.

I strongly recommend that you purchase a cookbook based on Dr. Sebi’s teachings. If you’re looking for a way to make your dinners interesting, this book is a great place to start!

Dr. Sebi’s Food List

When you initially look at the food list provided by Dr. Sebi Alkaline, it may seem to be rather short and restrictive; but, as you go through the program and explore a greater variety of food pairings, you will find that you no longer miss your previous ways of consuming food.

A significant part of this diet will be devoted to the consumption of grains such as amaranth, quinoa, rye, or Kamut. They will form the foundation of the majority of your meals, both in their natural state as grains and as flour that will be used in the baking of goods like cakes, cookies, and loaves of bread.

They are going to take the place of grains that have been processed, such as wheat, rice, and maize. Even though many vegans can handle them, those who are struggling with persistent health problems may wish to try eliminating them from their diet and see what happens.

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