Ideal Weight Chart for Men

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BMI (Body Mass Index) is one of the most accurate ways to determine when extra pounds translate into health risks. 

A high BMI can be an indicator of high body fatness. BMI can be used as a screening tool but does not diagnose an individual’s body fatness or health. 

To figure out if your weight falls into the healthy range, enter your height and weight below and click “Calculate.” If you’re just shy of being overweight, losing just a few pounds is essential to improving your health.

You may want to aim for a slightly lower weight than you see in this chart if you’re carrying extra muscle mass from exercising regularly because extra muscle adds to your frame size and makes you look heavier.

Remember that everyone’s natural body shape is different, so comparing yourself to others isn’t always helpful! This chart isn’t meant for people under 18 years old or who aren’t Caucasian. 

BMI also doesn’t consider where your body stores its fat: around your middle may indicate that you have an increased risk for heart disease even if your BMI is within the normal range.

Following the average BMI for men, physicians have made male weight charts to clearly identify the weight range for men

This will keep them healthy and fit and energetic, and happy. Let us look over the normal BMI range for men and how these weight charts work for every age group. 

Men weight chart According to BMI in kg

Here are some age groups and their ideal weight chart that you can follow to keep yourself healthy and sound. 

18 years old:

Weight for a male who is 18 years old should be between 86 and 110 pounds.

19 years old:

Weight for a male who is 19 years old should be between 88 and 114 pounds.

20 years old:

The weight of a male who is 20 years old should be between 90 and 117 pounds.

21 years old:

Weight for a male who is 21 years old should be between 92 and 122 pounds.

22 years old:

Weight for a male who is 22 years old should be between 94 and 126 pounds.

23 years old:

Weight for a male who is 23 years old should be between 97 and 130 pounds.

24 years old:

Weight for a male who is 24 years old should be between 99 and 133 pounds.

25 years old:

Weight for a male who is 25 years old should be between 101 and 137 pounds.

26 years old:

Weight for a male who is 26 years old should be between 104 and 141 pounds.

27 years old:

Weight for a male who is 27 years old should be between 106 and 145 pounds. 

28 Years Old:

Weight Guide Weight for a male who is 28 years old should be between 108 and 148

We have a weight guide for you.

Find out your ideal weight based on age: 18 years old weight guide, 19 years old weight guide, 20 years old weight guide, 21 years old weight guide, 22 years old weight guide, 23 years old weight guide, 24 years old weight guide, 25 years old weight guide, 26 years old weight guide, 27 years old weight guide, 28 years old weight guide and 29 years old weight guide.

18 Years Old Weight Guide

Age 18 is an essential part of your life. In fact, around age 18, your body goes through the most challenging time, and you may experience a rapid weight change. You’re likely to gain weight if you have bad eating habits and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

19 Years Old Weight Guide

If you’re 19 years old, you’ll be able to lose weight as long as you eat healthily and exercise regularly. You should know that being overweight at this age can lead to even more severe health problems later in life, so make sure that you stay fit.

20 Years Old Weight Guide

Although your 20s is the best time for losing weight, it can also be a frustrating part of your life if you don’t know how to manage your weight loss diet plan. This guide will show you how easy it is to lose weight while maintaining a healthy diet.

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21 Years Old Weight Guide

Around this age, men usually start experiencing more changes in their bodies. It’s normal for guys to gain weight due to poor eating habits, lack of exercise, etc. So if you’re 21 years old and looking for tips on how to lose weight, opt for healthy eating.

Weight chart for men aged 18-29:

18 years old: From 60.7 kg to 78.8 kg

19 years old: From 62.6 kg to 81.4 kg

20 years old: From 64.4 kg to 84.0 kg

21 years old: From 66.2 kg to 86.6 kg

22 years old: From 67.9 kg to 89.1 kg

23 years old: From 69.6 kg to 91.6 kg

24 years old: From 71.3 kg to 94.1 kg

25 years old: From 73.0 kg to 96.5 kg

26 years old: From 74.6 kg to 98.9 kg

27 years old: From 76.2kg to 101.2kg

28 years old: From 77.8kg to 103kg

How Much Should I Weigh?

HeightNormal weight
BMI 19–24
BMI 25–29
BMI 30–39
Severe obesity
BMI 40+
4 ft 10 in
(58 in)
91–115 lb119–138 lb143–186 lb191–258 lb
4 ft 11 in
(59 in)
94–119 lb124–143 lb148–193 lb198–267 lb
(60 in”)
97–123 lb128–148 lb153–199 lb204–276 lb
5 ft 1 in
(61 in)
100–127 lb132–153 lb158–206 lb211–285 lb
5 ft 2 in
(62 in)
104–131 lb136–158 lb164–213 lb218–295 lb
5 ft 3 in
(63 in)
107–135 lb141–163 lb169–220 lb225–304 lb
5 ft 4 in
(64 in)
110–140 lb145–169 lb174–227 lb232–314 lb
5 ft 5 in
(65 in)
114–144 lb150–174 lb180–234 lb240–324 lb
5 ft 6 in
(66 in)
118–148 lb155–179 lb186–241 lb247–334 lb
5 ft 7 in
(67 in)
121–153 lb159–185 lb191–249 lb255–344 lb
5 ft 8 in
(68 in)
125–158 lb164–190 lb197–256 lb262–354 lb
5 ft 9 in
(69 in)
128–162 lb169–196 lb203–263 lb270–365 lb
5 ft 10 in
(70 in)
132–167 lb174–202 lb209–271 lb278–376 lb
5 ft 11 in
(71 in)
136–172 lb179–208 lb215–279 lb286–386 lb
6 ft
(72 in)
140–177 lb184–213 lb221–287 lb294–397 lb
6 ft 1 in
(73 in)
144–182 lb189–219 lb227–295 lb302–408 lb
6 ft 2 in
(74 in)
148–186 lb194–225 lb233–303 lb311–420 lb
6 ft 3 in
(75 in)
152–192 lb200–232 lb240–311 lb319–431 lb
6 ft 4 in
(76 in)
156–197 lb205–238 lb246–320 lb328–443 lb

This calculator provides BMI and the corresponding weight category. Use this calculator for adults 20 years old and older.

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