Maine Coon Color Chart

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The abundant fur that covers the Main coone’s coat makes these magnificent animals appear much more imposing than they already are due to their massive bone structure. Their long, velvety coat is flawless all over and begins to get shorter as it approaches the shoulders.  

There is a wide range of coloration and patterning available for Maine coons, Maine Coon color chart can be referred to. There are tabby, bi-color, parti-color, tortoiseshell, shaded, and calico Maine coons, in addition to plain white, cream, red, blue, and black Maine coons. You can also get colored and calico Maine coons. 

Additional distinguishing characteristics include large pointed ears that are frequently capped with puffs of hair, lively oval-shaped eyes, and a lengthy, bushy tail. These characteristics are also all found in foxes.

Maine coon color chart

Common Colors of Maine Coon

In addition to having one of the longest, most densely coated, and bushiest tails of any domestic cat species, Maine Coons are also one of the largest domestic cat breeds. They are available in many different tones and designs, ranging from plain hues to patterned ones.

The following is a list of some of the most frequent coat colors seen in Maine Coons:

  • Brown Tabby: This is the most common color for Maine Coons. The coat is a blend of brown, black, and white stripes.
  • Black: A solid black coat is also a common color for Maine Coons.
  • Red: A solid red Maine Coon coat is less common but still seen in Maine Coons. The shade can range from a deep red to a lighter orange color.
  • Cream: A solid cream color is also seen in Maine Coons, which is a lighter version of red.
  • Blue: A solid blue coat is a grayish-blue color and is less common in Maine Coons.
  • Silver: A silver color Maine Coon coat is a blend of white and black hairs and creates a stunning, almost metallic look.
  • Tortoiseshell: This coat pattern consists of a blend of black and orange or red hairs and creates a distinctive “patchwork” appearance.
  • Calico: This coat pattern is similar to tortoiseshell, but with the addition of white patches.
  • Tabby and White: This is a tabby coat pattern with the addition of white markings. Also known as Bi-Color Maine Coon

Also, there are Maine Coon color codes assigned to recognized colors. A list for some common colors is given below:

ColorColor Code
Brown TabbyMCO n 22 (black) or MCO d 22 (blue) with classic, mackerel, or spotted tabby pattern.
BlackMCO n (solid black).
Red TabbyMCO d 23 (red) with classic, mackerel, or spotted tabby pattern.
CreamMCO e (a pale orange color).
BlueMCO is a (solid blue-gray color).
Silver TabbyMCO ns 22 (black silver) or MCO ds 22 (blue silver) with classic, mackerel, or spotted tabby pattern.
TortoiseshellMCO f (black and red) or MCO g (blue and cream) with patches of both colors.
CalicoF22 – This code represents a black-based coat (code “n”) with patches of red (code “d”).
Black Smokethe code “ns” (black-based coat with silver tipping)
WhiteMCO w (solid white).

Popular colors of Maine Coon

There are two distinct ways to talk about the coloration of a cat. In this context, “pattern” refers to the way in which the colors are laid out, while “color” refers to the hues themselves.

As you think of patterns, think about the shapes that the different color segments of a cat’s coat make. There are a few distinct patterns that can be found in cats.

The following are the usual patterns exhibited by the Maine Coon, all of which are relatively popular.

  • Shaded – The term “shaded” refers to a single color that is uniformly distributed throughout the body but has varied degrees of saturation in certain areas. In most cases, the chest will appear lighter, and in some cases, it may even appear to fade to white.
  • Smoke – Smoke is a unique and interesting characteristic. The outer layer of the cat’s fur is a single color throughout. Nevertheless, when you brush the fur to the side, you can observe that its undercoat, which is the layer of hair closest to the skin, seems lighter. But the cat appears to be one uniform hue from a far distance, but its “roots,” if you will, are lighter.
  • Solids –  As the name suggests, they are comprised of a single hue, most frequently black, brown, cream, or blue. In many instances, smoke can be easily confused for solids by casual observers. The longer hair on the Maine Coon does a fantastic job of concealing the other color that is on the underside of its coat. In the event of both a solid, the tail and paws will both exhibit the same color as the body as well.
  • Tabby – The tabby pattern is likely to be the one that is found most frequently in Maine Coons. Tabbies are distinguished by the presence of patches or stripes in their outer or undercoats. The patterns can be any of the typical colors that are associated with tabbies.

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Rarest colors of Maine Coon

There are a few Maine Coon coloring variants that are more difficult to locate than others. Because of this, their accomplishments are much more remarkable.

White Maine Coons are notoriously hard to find and even harder to produce if breeding them is even possible. In comparison to Oranges with patterns or color combinations, true orange Maine Coons are a very uncommon coloration. It’s more likely that you’ll come across tabbies or smoky orange cats.

Gold and silver are the two most uncommon or rare color variations of the Maine Coon. They are the result of an extremely uncommon inhibitor gene, which is responsible for the loss of pigmentation in the undercoat of the animal. 

SilverIt is a variant that is used rather less frequently. It has the appearance of a shiny grey color, and it is frequently a combination of two hues, which gives it the appearance of a smoky one.
GoldA shaded gold. The hair shaft of a Maine Coon is either apricot or orange, while the tip is black. As a result of their red pigmentation, golden Maine Coons have a reddish hue as their primary color.
True OrangeIn comparison to Oranges with patterns or color combinations, true orange Maine Coons are a very uncommon coloration. It’s more likely that you’ll come across tabbies or smoky orange cats.

How do you know if your cat is Persian or Maine Coon?

Choosing between a Maine Coon and a Persian cat is challenging. Both cat breeds are popular. Both cat breeds look and act differently. The Maine Coon color chart will also play an important role in this.

Persians are smaller than Maine Coons. They are fun, active, and adaptive. Persians are calmer but require more grooming. Both breeds love kids and other pets.

Although the Maine Coon’s wild and powerful appearance has helped make it increasingly attractive as a companion, the breed’s historic role as a farm dog is still evident.

Persian cats were more aristocratic. Turkey and Iran—formerly Persia—bred these cats. Several breeders took this cat to Europe because of its lustrous coat.


The Maine Coon color chart can seem infinite and challenging to choose from with 75 different colors. Even seasoned pros make color blunders sometimes!

Regardless of color, Maine Coons have fantastic personalities and will win you over in minutes!

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