Maine Coon Growth Chart

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The Maine Coon is an enormous breed of cat that has a robust, muscular, and athletic build that is commensurate with its towering stature. They have enormous ears that point forward and are carried in a wide and tall position, and their countenance conveys intelligence.

hair that is long and dense, and it is made up of an undercoat that is topped by a considerable top coat that is shiny and waterproof. Moreover, the ears and paws have lovely tufts on them.

Their tails are magnificent, and they ought to be at least as long as their bodies so that they may wrap them around their bodies to provide additional insulation when necessary. Let’s discuss the Maine Coon growth chart and its relevant information.

Maine coon growth chart

Maine Coon Growth Stages

You may anticipate that a Maine Coon will go through a series of life phases during which natural changes will take place. A Maine Coon goes through the stage of being a kitten when it is first born.

After 12 to 15 months, they enter a stage of life that is comparable to that of a human adolescent and are referred to as junior Maine Coons.

After reaching adulthood, a Maine Coon will go through the prime, mature, and senior stages before entering the final stage of life as a geriatric.

It is essential to your Maine Coon’s well-being that you have a solid understanding of the developmental stages they will go through. In different stages of life, the Maine Coon height and weight will increase. From the Maine Coon growth chart, one can refer to the given below table.

Growth StagesChanges in body
KittenMaine Coons are kittens till 12–15 months. They are clumsy and learning the world.
JuniorMaine Coon juniors are 12–15 months to 2–3 years old. Your Maine Coon is maturing physically but still developing.
PrimeMaine Coons thrive from 2 to 6 years old. This period stops Maine Coon growth and develops the mane.
MatureMaine Coons mature between 7 and 10. The Maine Coon should calm down, go out less, and lose any hostility.
SeniorSenior Maine Coons are 10–14 years. Like a 60-year-old person.
GeriatricOver-15-year-old Maine Coons are geriatric. The cat will seem older and move slower than a few years ago.

What age do Maine Coon kittens get Fluffy?

They are remarkable not just for having the longest, thickest hair of any domesticated cat species in the world but also for having a characteristic mane or ruff that grows around their neck and chest area. They hold the record for the biggest domesticated cat breed in the world.

Because its coat is composed of three distinct layers, the fur of a Maine Coon is very dense.

The outer layer, also known as the guard layer, is oily and only partially repels water. It is located at the top of the skin. There is a difference in length between the middle and inner jackets, but they both serve the same purpose of protecting against the cold.

Nonetheless, young Maine Coons do not yet have completely formed coats when they are born. The Maine Coon growth chart can also be considered.

When exactly do Maine Coons obtain their complete coats of fur? When Maine Coon kittens are approximately eight weeks old, they begin to develop a fluffy coat, but it can take up to four years for their complete coat to grow in.

How long does it take a Maine Coon to reach full size?

Although the pace of development for every feline is different, most Maine Coons go through their growth spurts at around the same period.

Your cat should acquire around one kilogram (kg) every month from the time they are three months old until they are seven months old. After then, growth spurts in Maine Coons typically take place between the weeks of 32 and 50.

Your cat’s development will become more gradual once they reach nine months of age, but it won’t ever cease completely. It takes the Maine Coon between four and five years to attain its full size, which is much longer than the average dog breed.

Why is my Maine Coon not big?

Are you concerned because it appears that your Maine Coon’s growth has been stifled, as demonstrated by the fact that it is very small? Investigate the variety of factors that could account for this odd occurrence.

Because Maine Coons are well-known for being among the biggest cat breeds in the World, it is only reasonable for owners of small-bodied Maine Coons to be anxious about their pets’ potential to grow to an excessively huge size.

It’s possible that your Maine Coon is still young and has not yet reached its full potential size because it’s still developing. There is also the possibility that it is not a purebred Maine Coon but rather a hybrid. Lack of essential nutrition, insufficient caloric intake, and disease are some of the other possible explanations for your Maine Coon’s diminutive size.

You will, of course, be interested in learning whether or not your Maine Coon is doing well and whether or not there is perhaps an issue that is preventing your cat’s growth.

It is better to look through all of the possible explanations for your cat’s small size and pick the one that is most likely to be the case. Only then you will be able to identify the real reason. Be aware that the small size of a Maine Coon may, in some circumstances, necessitate extra care and attention on the part of the owner.

Are Maine Coon cats hard to raise?

The size of a Maine Coon is striking, but it does not necessarily mean that its upkeep requirements are more stringent. It does not take much work to keep a Maine Coon happy, and you will discover that these stunning felines are rather easy to care for. Although being one of the biggest domestic breeds of cats, the Maine Coon is one of the easiest cats to care for.

In general, the degree of care required for a Maine Coon is comparable to that of any other cat. A little amount of more grooming may be necessary, a larger cat carrier and larger litter box are essential considerations, and possibly a small amount of additional (high-quality) food should be provided. In general, they are wonderful companion cats, particularly if you enjoy having large and lovely pets in your home.

How big should a Maine Coon be at 6 months?

As the second-largest domestic cat breed, Maine Coons are substantially larger than the majority of cats, including huge varieties such as Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest cats, and Siberian cats. In fact, Maine Coons are the second-largest domestic cat breed overall (Savannah holds the first place).

There is a certain weight that they should not go over, despite the fact that they are commonly referred to as the giants of the cat world. If you have a Maine Coon growth chart, it will be easier for you to monitor the size and development of your feline companion. At the age of six months, a Maine Coon cat weighs as per the given table.

AgeMale CatFemale Cat
6 Months3.4-6 kg3.1-4.3 kg


The several stages of life that a Maine Coon goes through are indicative of how they’ll go through their whole lives as per the Main Coon growth chart.

It will be easier for you to offer your Maine Coon the very best possible health if you tailor their care to the phase of life that they are experiencing at the time.

The life of a Maine Coon begins as a fragile kitten, continues on through puberty to adulthood, and then, finally, enters the later phases of life.

It is your responsibility to offer the absolute best care that you can for the pet in order to get the most out of their remaining time on earth.

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