Coconut Oil For Lips Benefits

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Adding coconut oil to your skincare routine can be equally beneficial to your lips. Because of its moisturizing effects, coconut oil not only rejuvenates your lips but is a proven emollient (skin softener) that many skincare industries prefer.

To help restore your dry lip skin or to make them more beautiful we recommend you to have the best of lip elixirs- Coconut Oil!

To help you know more, let’s see what coconut oil can do for you!


Omega 3 fatty acids being the prime ingredient of coconut oil, offer what coconut oil is known for? Its ultra-hydrating and antibacterial effects proffer ultimate benefits to lips that are unbeatable.

But what are those? Let’s have a deep look!


Coconut oil is ideal for chapped lips. Because of the moisturizing effects, it offers. The lip skin is comparatively thinner than the other body parts, because of which lips are prone to moisture loss. That is why we recommend coconut oil as your lip moisturizer.

“By creating a thick moisturizing layer around your lips skin, especially that of fatty acids, coconut oil retains its moisture deep in lip skin for a longer period.”


Coconut oil is an emollient (non-cosmetic moisturizers, skin softener) that helps protect your lip skin against the agents of dryness. By trapping the moisture in lip skin (fatty acid layer doesn’t allow moisture to evaporate), coconut oil keeps your lips hydrated, making them soft than ever before.

“After taking a bath, or during the daytime, and before going to bed, make sure you applied coconut oil to your lips if you’re in want of ever-glowing healthier and softer radiant lips.”


If you’re tired of your dull, dry lips skin, then coconut oil is what you are looking for! It will remove dead skin cells from your lips that make your skin dry—eventually helping you achieve an even smooth lip layer that you always wanted by your side.

“BUT HOW- This is possible by making a DIY coconut oil lip scrub!”

Easy to make coconut oil lip scrub- DIY- Two steps away: Mix coconut oil with regular white/brown sugar. Your natural lip exfoliant is ready. This DIY lip scrub can be your night-beauty secret!

Two DIY coconut oil lips scrub exfoliators: Take one teaspoon of salt and one coconut oil. Mix them well. Your natural homemade lip scrub exfoliator is ready to use. Apply it to your lips, and rinse gently with your fingers in a circular motion. Do it until your lips feel smooth and soft. Now rinse thoroughly. Do this at least three times a week for better results.



No matter how dry and rough your lips are and how unpleasant they look while you’re at home or socializing. There’s nothing to worry about if you believe in the miracles of coconut oil for lips care.

“Make sure you use coconut oil regularly twice a day. It will not only quench your lip’s desire for essential nutrients but will make them soft, clean, pure, and more vibrant than ever. Get ready to get smashing lip looks once you put your coconut oil on!”


As winter starts, your lips start chapping. Not only this but even worst! – The cuts and peels!! Eh!! What on earth could be best than this Hunn??

The question is how to get rid of your ever-worsening lips condition during winters?

“Solution is The Coconut Oil- Your Lip Savior- Your Lip Healer!!!”

But How? Let’s see!

As winter pops up, lips become dry. So, to keep them hydrated, there can be no best option other than coconut oil. With the help of it, give yourself a LIP SPA, and winters will be no more than heaven to you! Try these ways, and you’re ready to welcome WINTERS-NO MORE FEARS!!

  • A DIY coconut oil lip scrub will work wonders. It’ll remove dead skin cells from your lips and will help them boost the production of healthy new skin cells.
  • An organic coconut oil-based lip balm will help you gain a smooth damage-free lip layer.
  • A lip gloss with a coconut oil base will work best in winters. It’ll not only hydrate your skin but will bestow your lips with an ever-gorgeous shine that lasts for long.



Summer may be better for your lip care, but it may not be what you think it is! In hot weather, drinking plenty of water does not always work. The harmful UV rays will dehydrate your skin along with your lips, leaving them dry and damaged.

Now, how to combat the harsh summers?

“Always use a lip gloss with added SPF protection and a base that of coconut oil. Both the ingredients will work like magic. One will protect your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays while the other will keep them hydrated; Therefore, not a chance of damaged lips!”


Modern medicine considers coconut oil to be an essential factor in curing burns. That’s why we call coconut oil a burning remedy for your lips.

“Coconut oil not only provides moisture but is rich in pain-relieving, i.e., analgesic properties. Because of which it’s considered beneficial to lip burns, cuts, and seasonal chapping.”


Coconut oil is also known for its potential to be a disinfectant. This antimicrobial effect will benefit your lips by making them germ-free.

“Cracked lip skin is a sure cause of oral diseases because of the germs that enter the mouth through those cracked lip areas. So, to avoid any oral-bacterial infection, make sure to apply coconut oil to your cracked lips. It will kill the germs, leaving your lips healthy and bacterial-free.”



In a daily skin-care routine, lip balm is a necessity. But the artificial ones are not that effective if you have a natural substituent- Coconut oil!

Yes, coconut oil is much better than artificial lip balms, ideally the pure organic one. The artificial store-bought lip balm contains harmful chemicals that are not wise to use for lips.

“Coconut oil’s proven hydrating; moisturizing, nurturing, healing, and antibacterial properties make it an ideal natural product in the women’s lip-care menu.”

Coconut oil as your natural lip balm: Dab coconut oil to your lips, and you’re done with your natural lip balm daily care.

“If you’re the one who prefers natural looks, then coconut oil can be your next beauty product. It’ll not only offer a natural glowy look to your lips but will offer soothing effects that last long.”

Another benefit you can enjoy from using coconut oil as your lip balm is the ONLY ONE TIME APPLICATION of the coconut oil compared to the multi re-applications of the artificial lip balms.

“The ever-lasting soothing effect that coconut oil offers is 100 times better than the instant soothing quick go-away effect that artificial lip balm offers. So, who’s the winner- THE COCONUT OIL FOR LIPS!”


Coconut oil, with its excellent lip-care benefits, possesses the ability to be added to your following day-care routine. No matter how harsh the external factors are against your lips, coconut oil will always provide the required shielding effects that’ll keep your lips safe.

We recommend this product because of its restoring, hydrating, moisturizing, healing, and antibacterial properties. Make sure to apply it as recommended.

Do let us know in the comment section down below about the miracles coconut oil has done to your lips. Eagerly waiting for your response- See you next with another healthy topic, till then care-stay safe!

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