Cat Vomit Color Chart

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All cat owners are familiar with the sound of ‘glurk’ because this dreaded sound means that your cat has to vomit. When your cat vomits, you don’t have to rush to the doctor for urgent treatment but yes, it is important to concern about the type of vomit your cat did. That’s why Cat Vomit Color Chart has been made to help you determine its major factors of it.

From food sensitivities to illness, there could be any reason behind your cat’s vomit so keep reading the article for better information.

cat vomit color chart

Cat vomit color meaning

From Dark brown and white to pink and yellow, cat vomits can be in different colors, and each color means different. So you have to understand each color to know your cat’s health condition.

Vomit colorMeaning 
Green Vomit It indicates that the food or substance was brought up from small intestines.
Yellow Vomit It indicates the sign of liver disease.
Orange Vomit It indicates the symptoms of bilious vomiting syndrome on an empty stomach.
Light Brown Vomit It indicates bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract.
Dark Brown Vomit It indicates the undigested food that never left the stomach.
Gray Vomit It indicates a minor obstruction due to the ingested piles of fur.
Pink Liquid VomitIt indicates that there is blood present in the fluid.

Green vomit 

When a cat vomits in green, many people worry about the food that the cat ate before. Maybe, the cat ate green grass or some dental chew things, but these all things are not secondary things and we should worry about it.

Green color shows gastrointestinal obstruction and if you notice that your cat has no appetite and can not keep the water down so you should go to the proper treatment for your cat and keep your cats away from green plants because sometimes they are highly toxic for cats.

Yellow vomit 

When your cat vomits yellow, it means it is connected with acid in the stomach or bile. Cats who are affected by these things often have yellow color in their vomits. It also indicates that the cat is hungry.

The stomach produces this acid because there is no food present in the stomach.  But if the cat vomits frequently, it means the cat is suffering from liver disease. You should check whether the vomit is yellow with food or yellow with paste so that you can visit the vet.

‘The early summer sky was the color of cat vomit’ 

Scott Westerfeld

Orange vomit 

The classic symptom for orange vomit is bilious vomiting syndrome because of an empty stomach. Orange color means that the cat is throwing up some bile mixed with something that the cat ears most of the time. It often occurs when your cat takes a new medication.

Light brown vomit 

If your cat vomits light brown color, there can be a lot of reasons behind this. The cat vomits digestive and partially digestive brown liquid because of the kibble the cat ate before. Sometimes, there is a small amount of brown frank blood present in the vomit. Cats have eaten any foreign object which results in GI blockage and brown vomits. 

Cats often have serious medical conditions like gastrointestinal tumor, fecal impaction, cancer. If your cat frequently vomits light brown, you should visit in emergency.

Dark brown vomit 

Cats sometimes vomit like poop, if your cat is also dealing with this then it will be known that there is a gastrointestinal tumor in the cat’s stomach which is swelling of the stomach and the intestines. The main causes are due to intestinal parasites, viruses, bacteria, medications.

Gray vomit 

Gray color in vomit means that all the fur the cat has ingested piles up a minor obstruction. It is normal for cat to vomit grey. Gray color in vomit has hairballs so it can be tubular and compact, or they can be long and stringy.

Pink liquid vomit 

When a cat vomits pink liquid, that means there is a blood in her vomit. It can be salmon-colored food if it has a smoothie-like consistency. 

When should I worry about my cat vomiting?

Cats can vomit often for a number of harmless reasons but we should check the behavior because it can disclose many serious disorders.

  • First of all, keep an eye on the cats.
  • If your cat looks tired or has a temperature, take them to the vet .
  • If the cat has diarrhea or blood in their vomit, they should be treated in the same way.


This article ” Cat Vomit Color Chat” will help you to understand about the significance of each color. So that you can determine the cause of your cat’s vomiting and its treatment. If you feel your cat is vomiting regularly and feeling sick, you should consult to your cat’s vet.

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