Cat Sleeping Positions Chart

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Do you know cats sleep around 18 hours in a day, or more if they are old and grumpy? 

If you’ve had the cat for years, you’d know that they sleep in multiple positions, even though some of them seem pretty strange.

The sleeping positions and behaviors arise from the social tendencies and bonds they have at their home. So, to help you understand your cat better and comfort her, we are sharing the cat sleeping positions chart. 

cat sleeping positions chart

Cat Sleeping Positions Chart

If you have had a cat for a long time, irrespective of the cat breed, you would know that cats can be creative with how they sleep.

Ranging from curling up in the planter to sleeping in a knotted position, nothing seems impossible for these little babies. The cats like to stay limber and stretch, which is the primary reason they start experimenting with sleeping positions until they find a comforting one. 

This means that even if some sleeping position seems very painful to you, they might be extremely comforting and soothing for your cat.

Still, there are some positions that indicate stress or sickness, just like the vomit colors and poop colors. In fact, many cats show their issues through tail language and body language. For this reason, we are dissecting what different sleeping positions mean. 

Sleeping PositionMeaning
Crescent shape When the cat is curled up in the form of a ball and means that your cat is trying to increase body heat – it helps the cat warm 
Belly up It means that the cat has a great relationship with its owner as this is a vulnerable position, and your cat trusts you.
Bread LoafWhen the cat is sitting upright with paws tucked under the body. This position means that the cat is napping and isn’t in deep sleep
Paws across its face This is practically a “do not disturb” position and means that your cat is in deep sleep.
Superman When the cat sleeps on its belly and stretches out its paws. This means that your cat is extremely relaxed and will soon fall into a deep sleep.

Kitten Sleeping Positions 

Have you ever been in a position where your kitten was curled up cutely, and it got so hard to resist? It can actually be calming and peaceful to look at the sleeping kittens, irrespective of how much chaos they create before dozing off. So, if you have a little cat (yes, kitten), we are sharing the common yet weird cat sleeping positions with you. 

Sleeping PositionMeaning
Sideways sleeper When the cat sleeps sideways and means that your kitten is in a deep sleep. Also, they sleep in this position when they are trying to stay cool. 
Eyes not closed properly It happens when the kitten’s eyes are half shut, and this means that the kitten is trying to keep an eye on the surrounding activities 
Dangling legs If your kitten’s legs are dangling, it means that your kitten is feeling safe and is fully relaxed 

Cat Sleeping Positions On Humans 

We all have seen our cat sleeping on the back as well as other relaxed cat sleeping positions. In addition, cat owners have experienced their cats sleeping on them.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we all love it when our cats leave all their stuffed toys and just jump in our lap to sleep and cuddle. So, to help you understand what this means, along with different ear positions. 

Sleeping PositionMeaning
Sleeping on the human owner They are looking for warmth. In case you’ve gotten a new pet, it means that your cat is marking its territory or needs security. In fact, some cats sleep on their human owners when they want to befriend them or create a bond. 

Many pet owners don’t believe this, but sometimes, they can be hormonal as well. For instance, cats release oxytocin, which is a feel-good hormone. On the other hand, if they sleep on your head, it’s because they like your shampoo’s fragrance. 

Pregnant Cat Sleeping Positions 

We all know that pregnant cats tend to sleep a lot, at least more than they did before. In addition, they start napping and show a weight increase. The pregnant cats also show more loving behavior and show more appetite. However, to understand different cat laying positions and the reasons behind them, we are sharing the pregnant cat sleeping positions chart for you!

Sleeping PositionMeaning
Sleeping in the box The pregnant cats seek more protection, and being in the box offers them protection, which is they curl up and sleep in the cardboard boxes 
Sitting up If your pregnant cat sits up and wraps her tail around the paws, it means that the cat is napping and will be up in fifteen to twenty minutes
Tucked in If your cat sleeps cuddled up under couches and blankets, it means that the cat is seeking protection, warmth, and comfort 

Cat Sleeping Positions When Sick 

At times, the cats fall sick, and we all know how broody the cat can be when they are sick as well as the weird sleeping positions on bed. The sick cats start sleeping more and neglect their grooming. Also, they start purring because they do it when they are in pain and comfort. 

Sleeping PositionMeaning
Raised head If your cat starts sleeping with its head raised, it’s because the cat has breathing issues while sleeping 
Hunched If the cat is sitting hunched over and has a ruffled coat, it means that the cat is in pain. It’s better that you take the cat to the vet or get some painkillers 


It’s needless to say that cats sleep 70-80% of their lives, including the mild dozes they have. However, some sleeping positions showcase their abnormal behavior, which is why we shared the cat sleeping positions chart, so you can help your ball of fur. So, are you clear and ready to treat your furry friends properly?

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