Siamese Cat Weight Chart by Age

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It is difficult to refuse the demands of a Siamese cat because they will stare you down until you give in to their demands.

You will still feel that stare even if you are not paying attention to them and are making an effort to avoid them. After that, the cat will begin to meow.

The Siamese cat breed is well-known for being exceptionally talkative as well as skilled manipulators. They will be successful in obtaining their goal.

There is nothing wrong with trying to appease your cherished cat, but you need to maintain your composure when it comes to feeding time.

Although it may seem sweet that your feline buddy is on the plump side, unhealthy weight gain may be detrimental, and cat obesity is becoming an increasingly common problem as the population of cats continues to grow.

Your Siamese may develop a variety of health problems as a result of carrying a few more kilograms, which will also make their life more challenging.

If you want your friendly cat to have a happy, healthy, and long life, then you should read our article to learn what the optimal weight for a Siamese cat is, what the Siamese cat weight chart by age tells, and how you can keep it under control with a suitable diet.

Siamese cat weight chart by age

Siamese Cat Weight Factors 

Although a healthy adult Siamese cat will normally weigh between 3 and 5 kg, the exact number can vary from animal to animal. The exact weight of a Siamese cat is determined by a number of factors as described in the Siamese cat weight chart by age, including the following:

  • In general, male Siamese cats are larger and more muscular than their female counterparts. Siamese males that are healthy weigh about 5.5 kilograms, whereas the average weight female siamese cat normally ranges from 3.5 kilograms to 5 kilograms.
  • It is absolutely usual for Siamese kittens to experience rapid growth up to the age of one year, and it is also perfectly natural for them to put on a significant amount of weight during this time. After that, there shouldn’t be much of a fluctuation in weight, but some felines can gain up to a kilogram of muscle by the time they become two years old.
  • In addition to their age and gender, your Siamese cat’s general size is also heavily influenced by their genetics. Siamese kittens who come from parents with a smaller frame will also have a more diminutive build, and as a result, they will normally weigh less.

Male Siamese Cat Weight

In terms of looks, the Siamese cat stands out as one of the most singular and distinctive breeds. Because of their remarkable blue eyes and light-colored coats, it is simple to identify them.

Nevertheless, how large does this specific breed get, and at what age can you anticipate them reaching their full adult size? The Siamese cat weight chart by age informs with some research on this cat with Asian ancestry, looking at the accounts of its previous owners from a variety of different households. In the following, you will find out all of the information that you will need to know with regard to their size.

Males, on average, have dimensions that are marginally more extensive than their female counterparts. When it comes to their physical appearance, Siamese cats are known for having a form that is both long and slender.

This is mostly owing to the fact that they possess a smooth coat, which makes them look to be of average or slightly below-average weight.

Newborns5 cm90 – 140 g
1-2 Months8 cm350 – 600 g
3 Months14 – 16 cm0.9 – 1.8 kg
6 Months22 – 26 cm1.3 – 2.3 kg
1 Year24 – 29 cm3 – 4 kg
2 Years26 – 31cm4.5 – 5.5 kg

Female Siamese Cat Weight

Female Siamese cats can range in size and weight due to several factors including heredity, nutrition, and other aspects of their environment. Nonetheless, the following is a chart that breaks down the average height and weight of female Siamese cats by age:

Newborns5 cm90 – 140 gm
1 – 2 Months7.5 cm350 – 600 gm
3 Months13 – 15 cm0.9 – 1.3 kg
6 Months21 – 25 cm1.3 – 1.8 kg
1 Year23 – 28 cm2.7 – 4 kg
2 Years29 – 31 cm3.4 – 4.8 kg

What is the average weight for a 1-year-old Siamese cat?

It’s likely that a fully grown Siamese cat will weigh anywhere in the range of 3 to 4 kilograms at one-year-old age.

Once more, it is typical for males to weigh somewhat more than their female counterparts. The expected weight range for full-grown males is between 4 to 6 kilograms, while the weight range for females is between 3.4 to 5 kilograms.

Although it’s not uncommon for cats to have weights that are far above or below these averages, neither extreme is desirable for a cat’s health.

Because of this, a cat’s diet is extremely important, and it should be adjusted based on their age as well as their current weight.

When the Siamese Cats are full grown by weight and height?

Around the age of two, a Siamese cat will typically have reached their maximum height and will no longer continue to develop.

This is the point at which they are no longer technically referred to as “kittens.” By this point in their lives, they will have reached a size that, at the very least in terms of their height and length, they should maintain for the remainder of their lives.

In spite of the fact that they may continue to mature over time (and you may observe variations in the colour of their fur), they often do not continue growing.

A Major Health Issue to look for.

The majority of different species of animals exhibit a consistent pattern in which they go through the majority of their physical development in the initial part of their lives. There are no exceptions to this rule, and Siamese cats are no exception.

It goes without saying that this is sure to be quite a departure from the itty-bitty kitten that you brought into your home. They will also mature quickly, and you will see quite a significant shift in a pretty short period of time.

If they eat more than they need to, an older cat seems to be more likely to maintain whatever additional weight they gain, which is something you may notice if you pay attention.

Cats reach a point in their development quite similar to that of humans, when they exit the “growing” period and enter the “eat whatever they want” phase.

When a cat ages, its metabolism will probably also experience some degree of sluggishness.

But, this does not guarantee that your feline friend will naturally know how to keep a healthy weight on their own.

Even though they do not require additional calories, individuals are prone to overeat if they are given the opportunity to do so.

If you want your cat to continue to be robust and healthy throughout its life, you need to ensure that it maintains an active lifestyle and consumes a diet that is both nutritious and of good quality.


Although they are considered to be of medium size, the word “long” best describes the physique of a Siamese cat. Siamese cats are distinguished by their distinctively elongated bodies as the Siamese cat weight chart by age suggests..

Nonetheless, despite its name, the Siamese cat is not significantly larger than any other breed of domestic cat.

And with a height ranging from 8 to 12 inches and a weight between 8 and 14 pounds, this is not a companion that will demand a significant amount of space nor will it take up a significant amount of space.

In the same way as when you have any other kind of cat, you need to make sure they have enough space to explore and climb. It is not fair to keep cats confined for long periods of time because they require equal vertical and horizontal space.

If you are able to fulfil this requirement, then the Siamese cat may very well be the right pet for you. This is a wonderful breed to possess because of the wonderful personalities that they have.

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